Fall 2016 Conference: HCTE

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Hello Educators!

I want to let you know of HCTE's (Hawaii Council of Teacher Education, local affiliate of the National Council of Teacher Education) upcoming Fall 2016 Conference.

We are excited to bring Alan Sitomer to Hawaii on Saturday, October 1, 2016 for “Literacy Across the Curriculum with Powerful, Proven Pedagogy: Reaching Capable but Disengaged Kids.” Alan is a knowledgeable and charismatic teacher, writer, and speaker, who cares deeply about students as we all do! During his keynote, he will show us how to create a literacy-based instructional environment where passion meets grit, rigor meets high expectations and student engagement meets fidelity to efficacious academic aims. In subsequent sessions, he will show us how to use humor, poetry, and music in writing in the content areas.

You will leave with "take-away" tools to immediately use in your classrooms that are research-based and oriented toward student success. You will also learn how to develop academic stamina and teach students how to engage in close reading. Your attendance at our conference will add to your tool chest of literacy strategies to motivate and effectively engage students in learning!

On-time registration is accepted until September 23, 2016 so please register as soon as possible! Electronic forms are available on our website. Full-Time Teacher Candidates may attend at 65% off; if at least 4 of your students attend, you, their instructor, may attend for free!

Snacks and lunch for the day are included. Hope to see you there!

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