REACH OUT Campaign

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The Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) has launched a freshmen REACH OUT Phone Campaign designed to target newly admitted freshman who have not yet registered. OSAS staff members personally call these students to lend support, encourage them to see a COE academic advisor, and notify them about Puahia sponsored events, such as freshman orientation.

Developed by OSAS Associate Director Denise Nakaoka and Advisor Reid Kuioka, the campaign personalizes the experience of entering COE freshmen and helps with retention. So far, the feedback from 114 students who were called has been overwhelmingly positive. OSAS plans to expand this campaign to incoming transfer students.


OSAS Student Workers Ethan-Luke Spencer (KRS major) and Evelyn Awai (BEd Elementary Ed major) and Manoa Peer Advisor LaJoya Shelley (MEd Educational Administration student)

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