Dean Lodes, CRDG Marketing and Publication Services Director

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Dean Lodes
“The MaPS team is truly amazing, and I am honored to be working with them.”

Appleton, WI


Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG)


BA in Economics (UW-Madison), MA in Information & Communication Technology (University of Denver), PhD in Communication & Information Sciences Student (UH Mānoa)

How long have you been with the COE? In what capacity?
Currently, I am the Director of the Marketing and Publication Services (MaPS) team in the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG). Previously, I worked at CRDG for 4 years as the Media Specialist on the Learning Technology team. In that role, I provided multimedia and instructional design expertise to CRDG researchers and development teams.

How did you end up at UHM?
I had been working at the Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI for 12 years. I managed the Learning Innovations & Technology team, which gave me a unique connection to a 16-college consortium, as well as worked with many large private sector companies. I feel most at home combining business, technology, and education. I found the opportunity to continue in that capacity at UH Mānoa and let’s face it, it’s Hawai‘i. I’ve never looked back.

What drew you to marketing and publications?
When I first started my undergraduate degree, I was in marketing and international business. Even though I ended up pursuing a degree in economics, my dream of working with a marketing team while incorporating innovative and creative methods of publishing have never faded. The MaPS team is truly amazing, and I am honored to be working with them.

What are you most excited about in your new post as MaPS Director?
I am excited about where we will go as a team. Each member of the MaPS team is extremely talented and provides a wealth of experience and knowledge. In this role, I’m looking forward to connecting and collaborating with other departments in the college. MaPS has a great deal to offer, and I’m excited to help promote that bridge between us all.

Where do you see yourself taking the department?
I would like to see the department take things to the next level. We’ve already begun creating digital curriculum along with our published materials. Moving forward, I would like to see us incorporate more digital enhancements and multimedia. I’m very interested to see how we can make our services available and affordable to all of COE. I also have some ideas of how we can contribute to some of the needs of UH Mānoa in general and look forward to implementing them.

Any other future plans?
My PhD research incorporates virtual reality (VR) and education. Kilo Hōkū is a virtual wayfinding project I am working on with three others. We have created a VR simulation of sailing on a traditional double-hulled Hawaiian canoe, or waʻa, and are in the process of incorporating the educational and instructional design side of it.