Mart Joshua Lopez, TDP Student Technician & Commencement Speaker

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Mart Joshua Lopez
“It’s okay to have bumps and detours in your journey because it helps shape who you are today.”

Mililani, HI


Technology and Distance Programs (TDP)


BA Communications, Information and Communication Technologies (May 2019)

How long have you worked with the College of Education?
I have been with TDP since fall 2018.

What is your role with TDP?
I’m currently a student technician assisting faculty and staff with their technical questions and issues.

How did you become interested in technology?
I first became interested in technology when my parents gifted me my first computer in elementary school. It was a used Compaq computer, and I remember playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on the floppy disk format! Since then, I’ve been interested in finding ways to express myself creatively on a digital platform through photo, video, and graphic design. When it comes to troubleshooting and fixing tech, I’ve had the privilege of having worked at the Apple Store and now TDP.

What are you future career plans?
After graduation, I will be moving to Chicago to work as a Salesforce Administrator for United Airlines. I hope to one day continue my education with a Master’s in Business Administration or a Master’s in Learning & Organizational Change. 

How has working with TDP helped you along with your program?
TDP has pushed me to solve problems with a creative, collaborative, and critical mindset. I have enjoyed working with the other students in TDP because they’ve been instrumental to my growth as a student and as a technician in TDP.

How do you feel about being selected to be the UH Commencement Speaker?
I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be able to share a little bit about my story and how it might be able to inspire the students and the rest of the crowd during the commencement ceremony. I’m hoping my graduating class will be able to feel empowered to continue their journey and share their own unique stories.

What is the theme of your speech?
My speech is titled “Embracing the Nonlinear Journey.” For me, I felt that there are so many unique – traditional and nontraditional – student journeys and stories that we forget to share and celebrate. With my speech, I share that our life plans may not always follow a linear path, but it’s important to embrace setbacks and celebrate every win, big or small. It’s okay to have bumps and detours in your journey because it helps shape who you are today.