Susan Jaworowski, PhD in LTEC

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Susan Jaworowski
“Students are appreciative of the quality and high standards in my online courses, which I owe to the LTEC program.”

Honolulu, HI


Learning Design and Technology (LTEC)



Where do you work?
I currently work as a professor and program director for the Paralegal program at Kapiolani Community College.

Briefly describe the path that brought you to the LTEC program.
I went to college right out of high school, took a year off after my undergraduate degrees to work before I got my JD (law degree), then took off 24 years before I started my doctorate.

How do you apply what you learned in the LTEC program to your current work?
I was required by my chancellor to start offering online courses in my program, and I had no idea what they were as I have never taken one. I started with one summer ETEC course and loved it, so I applied for the doctoral program. I built my first online course in my first semester and offered it at my campus during my second semester! For me, it was a perfect blend of educational theory with a specific focus on bringing best practices into the online arena.

How would you describe the LTEC program to others?
I have made a huge difference for my program – the only Paralegal program in the state – as I helped it to meet the standards of our outside accreditors (the American Bar Association). Now the program offers nine online courses, four designed and taught by me. I won the Wo Change Agent award, given to the pool of faculty who teach at the UH community colleges, for one of my online courses. I have presented on online education at my campus and at national conferences. Students are appreciative of the quality and high standards in my online courses, which I owe to the LTEC program. Since I started the program, I was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor, and from associate professor to full professor.

What do you hope to inspire by sharing your education experience?
I hope I will encourage applicants to apply to the program at any age that is appropriate for them. There were a number of students in my cohort that had had substantial careers prior to their entry into the program. It is not just for those fresh out of their master’s program.

What was your favorite part of being in an LTEC program?
The cohort experience!

What are your future plans?
I will continue to create high-quality online courses and share my experience, skills, and enthusiasm with my colleagues.

What advice would you have for others currently in the LTEC program?
This is a high quality program taught by engaging faculty who are experts in their field. They make learning contagious! There is a strong focus on quality, and help is available as needed. There is a generosity of spirit and a true feeling of welcoming students into a respected, important, and constantly evolving profession. It’s very exciting.  I have a lot of colleagues who are in other PhD programs, and they almost universally describe them as stressful and lacking in support. I wish everyone could have the wonderful experience of the collegiality evident in the LTEC program.