Michael Jose, MEd Educational Administration

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Michael Jose
“…I felt that my platform to reach students and affect their success would be magnified if I got into administration.”

Kalihi, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i


Educational Administration


MEd in Educational Administration

Where do you work?
I work in the Hawai‘i Department of Education as the District Educational Specialist for the Aiea-Moanalua-Radford Complex Area.

How did you become interested in the field of educational administration?
While working with students as a teacher, I felt that my platform to reach students and affect their success would be magnified if I got into administration.

Briefly describe your road to college.
I attended UHM right after graduating from high school, but I was originally in the Electrical Engineering program. After a couple of semesters, I didn’t really have the passion to continue to study in this field. Around the same time, I got into coaching athletics, and I found my time working with children very enjoyable and rewarding. That's when I decided to go into teaching.

What does it mean to be a part of the educational administration department?
It means a lot. I look up to many people who have gone through the program and department who are school leaders. Being a part of the educational administration department is like being part of a family of administrators who have taken the time and effort to invest in their careers so they can have a bigger impact on the lives of the students we support.

Is there anyone in particular who inspired you to pursue a career in this field?
There have been many along the way who inspired me to pursue my "life calling" in educational administration. Names that come immediately to mind are Dr. Stacy Roberts and Dr. Carm Minami, instructors who taught me during my time at UHM COE and challenged me to be the best school leader I can be. I owe a great deal to them for their belief in me as a person and the confidence they have instilled in me to be a change agent for our schools.

What are your future plans?
In whatever capacity or role I may be so blessed to assume, I intend to support the success of ALL children.