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Getting Involved

Technically speaking, membership with HESA is limited to graduate students (both part- and full-time) in the Higher Education Administration program within UHM's College of Education. Meetings and all matters upon which voting is necessary are limited to HESA members.

However, in the spirit of 'ohana, we most certainly welcome students from other College of Education concentrations to our social events, fundraisers, community involvement activities, and professional development opportunities. In fact, one of the reasons this website was created is to spread the word that HESA exists and is looking to create relationships with other student groups in order to strengthen bonds throughout the college. To see what's ahead in our schedule, please see the Upcoming Events page.

We also welcome any advice or information contributed by EDEA or other College of Education alumni. Please see the Contact page, if you're so inclined. And mahalo!

To join or get involved, please contact Artie Turner, VP for Social Activities, at, or Kara McManus, VP for Communications, at

Membership Dues

Obviously, money is an issue for any graduate student. And we don't want to restrict anyone's access to a student group based on an inability or disinclination to pay a fee. That being said, the concept of membership dues is a rational one, in that what is collected from each individual goes to serve the common good of the group.

Therefore, our membership dues, which will be collected at the beginning of each semester, may come in the form of either of the following: canned goods or school supplies. The former will be donated to charit(ies) of HESA's choice at the end of the semester; the latter will be pooled into a collective "kitty" for HESA students to access whenever they need. Membership dues will be recorded, and voting within HESA will not be allowed until dues are collected. Also, one may donate more than his or her initial membership dues throughout the entire semester. And HESA will be very grateful!

Charities to which HESA contributes will be posted here in the future!

For more information, please contact Kiana Shiroma, VP for Membership, at


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