MEd Curriculum Studies: Disciplinary Tracks

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The Master’s of Education in Curriculum Studies, Disciplinary tracks include the following disciplines/content areas:

Art Education Language Arts/Literacy
Mathematics Education Multicultural Education
Native Hawaiian & Indigenous Education & Leadership (proposed) Reading K-12 (Not currently offered)
Science Education Social Studies Education

Disciplinary tracks are generally uncohorted and focus on the in-depth study of a particular content area. Students in these different tracks share common core coursework and have the flexibility to take specialization elective courses determined by their focus area.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Graduate program cost estimates for 2018/2019:

  • $650/credit - Resident
  • $1545/credit - Non-resident

Note: 8 credits or more is full time student status. Full time students only pay for the first 8 credit hours. Additional credit hours beyond that are free. Most courses are 3 credits.

For the most current information, always refer to the Office of Graduate Education (OGE) website, UHM regular Tuition and Fees or UHM Outreach College Tuition and Fees.

Financial Assistance May Be Found At:

Who should consider this program

K-20 Educators/General Students who need the flexibility to complete a graduate program of study. Students may attend part-time, but the program must be completed within seven years of the date of admission. The average time to completion is 2.4 years.

Common careers (Potential Job/Career opportunities)

Graduates of the program become leaders at the school, district, state level, and beyond in their particular discipline area/content area.

Delivery Format

CS programs offer a diverse array of course delivery. Courses may be offered on-campus in the evening or as hybrid online courses. See the UH Mānoa Catalog for details.

Required Coursework

The MEd-CS Education, Disciplinary tracks are a 30-credit graduate program consisting of the following:

  • 4 core courses (12-credits) -  EDCS 622G Curriculum Leadership: K–14 (3), EDCS 606 Introduction to Research in Curriculum and Teaching (3), EDCS 632 Qualitative Research Methods (3), and EDCS 667 Seminar in Curriculum (3)
  • Minimum 6 specialization courses (18-credits) - required and/or recommended coursework and directed study in specialization track. Courses should be chosen in consultation with advisor. 
  • Plan A Thesis or Plan B Paper/Project

NOTE: Requirements for each School Level and Track are found in the MEd-CS Handbook 1: Prospective and New Students.

Program Handbooks


Type Name Updated
Handbook/Instructions MEd CS Handbook 1 Prospective and New Students 2018-2019 Last Updated
November 2018
Type Name Updated
Handbook/Instructions MEd CS Handbook 2 Continuing and Graduating Students 2018-2019 Last Updated
October 2018



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