PK-3 Graduate Certificate

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The PK-3 Graduate Certificate is a leadership program designed for those who work with children from preschool through grade three. 

Students are advanced to candidacy only after the development of their program plan and the successful completion of 12 credit hours of approved courses. 

Delivery Options

All CS programs offer on-campus, evening classes that are currently held from 4:30-7:00p.m. Most CS programs also offer hybrid courses (both online & evening).  See the UH Mānoa Catalog for details.


The Department of Curriculum Studies offers a 15-credit PK-3 Graduate Certificate for successful completion of ITE 417, EDCS 617, EDCS 622B, EDCS 656, EDEP 664, and a Professional Teaching Portfolio.

The certificate may be earned with the MEd-CS, or as a certificate-only program. (This certificate will appear on students’ transcripts, but does not result in state licensure). Regardless of whether or not the MEd CS is pursued concurrently, students must apply for the Graduate Certificate as a separate program through Graduate Division to receive the certificate. Please contact for more information.

Prospective students may refer to this handbook following admittance into the PK-3 Graduate Certificate program as a future continuing and graduating student.

Master's Degree Option

To receive a Master's Degree, (MEd-CS), students need to complete an additional 15 credits of required PK-3 core coursework, will need to meet prerequisite MEd-CS coursework for PK-3 majors, and will need to complete a Plan A Thesis or Plan B Project or paper.

Quick Facts

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Fall '14
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