MEd Curriculum Studies: STEMS² Cohort

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Semester Early Admission General
International Students
Fall N/A N/A N/A
Spring N/A N/A N/A
Summer  *November 15 *January 15 *November 30

*Applications will be reviewed upon receipt on a rolling basis beginning November 15. Review will continue until a cohort fills (20 people) on or before the January 15th deadline. It is recommended that you apply before the deadline.

Grants & Scholarship Resources

University of Hawai'i

  • UH Student ScholarshipsSearch for scholarships through STAR by searching for your best fit scholarship, going through an advanced scholarship search, search through keyword(s), and tracking your scholarship applications.        
  • UHM Financial Aid Services: List of UH Scholarships, Local Scholarships, National Scholarships and Searches, and Other Options
  • UH System Common Scholarship Application: By completing one application, students can be considered for numerous scholarships, including those not based on merit or financial need. DUE: MARCH 1, 2019

Local/Community Based

Native Hawaiian Scholarship Information

National/Online Based

Estimated Costs

These costs are aproximate, and subject to change. Please visit the Outreach tuition and fees page for Summer tuition rates, and the Financial Aid tuition chart for Fall and Spring tuition rates.        

*Other Costs

  • Housing Costs: on O'ahu
  • Housing Costs: Associated with neighbor island Learning Journeys
  • Learning Journeys Inter-island Airfare Costs

*The program offers students travel stipends to assist with costs associated with Learning Journeys. The amount of the travel stipend is based on individual student's geographical location and situation (eg. students who are UH employees using tuition waivers cannot receive stipends).


Applicants to the program must provide evidence of:

  • successful academic performance in curriculum, psychological and societal foundations, and appropriate methods courses;
  • successful academic performance in a STEMS^2 major (i.e., math, science, social studies, etc..); and
  • teaching experience or its equivalent.

Advise Me!



Please visit the Mākālei system website to apply:

If you have a UH Username, please select, "UH username and password". If you do not have a UH Username, please select, "Guest" and that will lead you to the steps to create a Mākālei account.

Once you are logged into Mākālei and have reached the, "Select a Degree and Program" section, in order to apply for the STEMS² Cohort select "Master's Degree" as the degree you are applying for, "MEd Curriculum Studies (Summer/Hybrid)" as your program and, "STEMS2" as your emphasis.

For the application through Graduate Division be sure to:

  • Select the “Graduate Studies - Summer” application type.
  • On Question #7, choose the “Curriculum Studies-MEd” program as your Planned Course of Study.
  • Official Transcripts from each institution attended (except for UH system transcripts)
  • Graduate Division Residency Declaration Form (Hawaii residents only)
  • TOEFL or IELTS Scores (International Students only)
  • International Student Financial Form (International Students only)

If you have any questions, please email or call 808-956-2376.

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