PhD Education: Curriculum & Instruction

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The Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) is a college-wide degree awarded for distinguished academic preparation for professional practice in the field of education. The program includes a variety of specializations including Curriculum and Instruction.

The specialization in Curriculum and Instruction develops educational leaders in curriculum development, teaching, curriculum evaluation, and/or teacher education and professional development. The program varies in the number of credit hours required, depending upon the candidate's qualifications, and includes courses required for all doctoral students enrolled in the College of Education; courses in an area of specialization, such as issues and trends in curriculum, teaching and learning, curriculum and program evaluation, and research on teacher education and professional development; breadth courses; a field project or an internship in college teaching; and the dissertation.

Delivery Options

All CS programs offer on-campus, evening classes that are currently held from 4:30-7:00p.m. Most CS programs also offer hybrid courses (both online & evening).  See the UH Mānoa Catalog for details.


  • College Inquiry Core (12 credits)
  • Breadth or Electives (6-12 credits)
  • Curriculum and Instruction Core (9 credits)
  • Emphasis Area (9-15 credits)
  • Field Study or Teaching Internship (3 credits)
  • Dissertation

Guidelines for the PhD in Education Program, Curriculum and Instruction Specialization:

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Handbook/Instructions Guidelines for the PhD in Education Program, Curriculum and Instruction Specialization (Accessible) Last Updated
November 2018
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