PhD Education: Educational Administration Higher Ed

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The PhD in Education, with specialization in Educational Administration Higher Eduation, is directed toward increasing educational leaders' knowledge and skills in the domains of policy and governance; organizational theory, practice, and improvement; students and curriculum; and educational inquiry. In general, the domain of inquiry encompasses human learning and development in the context of education.

Advanced course work is offered in policy and governance, ethics, organizational socialization, organizational change, governance, student issues, research methods and analysis, and special topics (e.g., student access to higher education, reflective practice.

Delivery Options

Evening courses at UH Manoa.


Prerequisite Courses

All doctoral students will be required to have 18-21 units of 600 level prerequisite courses (depending on K-12 or higher education emphasis). Students who have already completed a master's degree in higher education or K-12 leadership/administration generally have fulfilled these requirements.

Core Courses and Seminars

Research Courses (12 units)

  • Research in Educational Administration (e.g., EDEA 602)
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Education (e.g., EDEA 604)
  • Educational Statistics (e.g., EDEA 629)
  • Advanced methods course (e.g., EDEA 704, EDEA 780D, EDEP 606, EDEP 608, EDEA 608)

Educational Administration Seminars (12 units)

  • EDEA 780l
  • EDEA 780K
  • EDEA 780C
  • EDEA 780B
  • EDEA 780G

Cognate (12 units)

The cognate can include courses taken in another field (e.g., sociology) or a combination of graduate courses from various departments that is approved by the student's advisor and are appropriate to the proposed dissertation topic.

Field Experience (3 units)

This requirement can be met by doing adminstrative fieldwork in an organization, providing teaching support for an instructor, or working on a research project.

Additional Degree Requirements


The culminating requirement is a dissertation, an original educational inquiry resulting in a product that informs educational practice. Consult the Graduate Division website for further information.

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