BEd Exceptional Students and Elementary Education (ESEE)

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International Students
Fall March 1 (Final) January 5


Apply to UH System

For undergraduates transferring from other institutions, UHM unclassified undergraduates, undergraduates not currently enrolled at UHM, or second baccalaureate applicants, you also must submit a University of Hawai‘i System Application Form (SAF) to the UHM Admissions Office. 

You may have already done this if:

  • you are an incoming freshman who has received a welcome letter from OSAS,
  • you are a classified undergraduate who is changing majors to the COE,

If you have not yet applied to UHM you can get the UH system application from the UH Admissions Office.

Cumulative GPA

To be eligible for any College of Education licensure track program, students must maintain a cumulative (combined) Grade Point Average (GPA) at or above a required level. Check specific program sheets or admission brochure for the GPA required of your intended program.

View, Download or Print your Program Sheet and Plan Template

Complete 55 credits

Applicants can be admitted to the COE before completing 55 credits, but must complete 55 credits prior to being admitted to a specific COE Licensure Track program. The 55 credits can be from UHM and/or approved transfer credits from another institution.

The UHM General Education Core Requirements must be completed prior to the start of a COE Licensure Track program. Applicants who have completed an articulated Associates of Arts (AA) degree from a UH Community College are considered to have met the UHM General Education Core Requirements. Students interested in an Elementary BEd, with an articulated AA must additionally meet the following requirements prior to the start of a COE Licensure Track program:

  • MUS 253 or any UHM approved Arts (DA) course
  • MATH 111 & MATH 112

You are required to verify with an advisor if you have completed or are in progress of completing any of the following degrees:

  • A.A.T. from Leeward Community College
  • A.S. in Human Services Early Childhood Specialization from Maui College
  • A.S. in Early Childhood - Pre-school option from Honolulu Community College
  • A.A. in Liberal Arts Dual Prep Track in Elem Ed and Special Education from Kapiolani Community College

The UHM General Education Core Requirements consist of both Foundations and Diversification courses. Use the program sheets for your intended program to see what the UHM General Education Core Requirements are for your intended COE Licensure Track program. To find out more information on the UHM General Education Core Requirements, please refer to the UHM General Education Website

Complete Licensure Track Prerequisites Courses

Applicants must complete or be in the process of completing licensure track prerequisite courses at the time of their application to a specific licensure track program. A list of licensure track prerequisite courses is on the program sheet of each COE Licensure Track program.

Tips for Success!  What do I take when?

View, Download or Print your Program Sheet and Plan Template

If you are applying to the Statewide BEd Elementary program please contact your neighbor island OSAS Advisor Karen Wilson for more information on prerequisite courses.

Karen Wilson:; (808) 209-8031

40 Hours of Documented Group Leadership Experience

Prior to applying, students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of current (within the last five years) group leadership involvement with kindergarten to 6th grade aged children.  Such “field experience(s)” may be completed on either a paid or voluntary basis.  It is highly recommended that the field experience(s) span a period of at least two semesters.  List of possible field experience opportunities.  Students are required to submit official documentation on letterhead from their place of field work or use the OSAS Group Leadership Certification (Field Experience) as signatures are required.

Type Name Updated
Handbook/Instructions Group Leadership Field Experience Certification Form Last Updated
June 2016

Complete an Admissions Interview

Students must demonstrate oral and non-verbal communicative competence through the successful completion of a Personal Admissions Interview(s).  The purpose of the interview is to assess fluency of oral communication, interest in teaching, student motivation, and suitability to the profession.  Students may also be required to write a short essay as part of the Personal Admissions Interview.

Type Name Updated
Handbook/Instructions BEd Elementary Education Interview Instructions Last Updated
October 2019



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