Minor in Education

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The overall purpose of the Minor in Education (MIE) is to provide undergraduate students with a unique learning opportunity to examine and participate in the field of education, without the need to be enrolled in a teacher licensure program. This minor is tailored to classified students who are interested in education as a second discipline of specialization that will complement their major studies as well as explore education as a viable career option as they work to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Upon completion of the MIE, students will:

  • Be eligible to serve as substitute teachers in the Hawai`i Department of Education (HIDOE)
  • Understand the complexities of education locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Gain knowledge about systems at different levels in education
  • Synthesize their knowledge about education and apply it to their chosen major

About the Minor

The MIE is a 15 credit program that can complement any bachelor’s degree and be completed alongside major course work. This minor aspires to attract a diverse range of classified UH Mānoa students in good academic standing seeking to enrich their undergraduate program, especially those who may be considering education as a future profession.

As an added benefit, completers of this minor are eligible to become certified as a substitute teacher with the HIDOE. This will allow graduates to use their undergraduate degree expertise and MIE to contribute to the public PK-12 education system of Hawai`i. 

Minor in Education Courses

Minor candidates must complete 3 required core courses (9 credits), offered every semester in a hybrid/online or face-to-face format. A minimum grade of “C” or better in each individual MIE course and a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA for all MIE courses is required. MIE candidates must also select 2 additional courses (6 credits), based on their interests, from the approved list below to satisfy the remaining credit requirements. It is highly recommended that students work with a College of Education advisor to select the right courses for best integration with major course work. Courses taken for the MIE cannot be used to double count for credits towards General Education and Major requirements.

Required core courses:

  • ITE/EDEF 360: Multicultural Education
  • ITE 403C: Seminar in Educational Inquiry – Exploratory Education

*Restricted registration.  Students must be admitted to the MIE to register for the following course:
ITE 399: Substitute Teaching – (requires additional purchase of HIDOE Substitute exam. Class sessions can include evenings & weekends.)

Approved elective courses: (select 2)

  • EDEF 310: Education in American Society
  • EDEP 201: Introduction to Teaching
  • EDEP 311: Psychological Foundations
  • ITE 316: Field Experience
  • ITE 380: Managing Classrooms
  • EDCS 432: Adolescent Literature & Literacy
  • EDCS 433: Interdisciplinary Science
  • LTEC 112: Technologies for Academic Success
  • LTEC 442: Computers in Education
  • LTEC 448: Social Media
  • SPED 201: Disability and Diversity
  • SPED 304: Foundations of Inclusive Schooling
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