About the Institute for Teacher Education

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About the Department

The Institute for Teacher Education (ITE) offers undergraduate degrees in elementary and secondary education (BEd), a post-baccalaureate certificate in secondary education (PBCSE), an advanced degree in teaching (MEdT), and state-approved teacher education programs (SATEPs) in elementary and secondary education.  All ITE programs focus on the educational needs of children and adolescents, teaching, learning, and curriculum.

In order to reflect innovations in education, the ITE department has placed a heavy emphasis on the integration of technology into coursework and clinical work. All students in ITE programs are required to own laptops for their courses. Students can receive financial help for the purchase of a laptop.

The students at UH Mānoa are ethnically diverse as are the students in Hawai‘i's school system. Students in ITE programs, therefore, learn and teach in a unique multicultural environment.

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