Graduate Certificate in Learning Design and Technologies for Teachers (TeachTech)

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This new Graduate Certificate program is a 15-credit, fully online post-baccalaureate program. The purpose of TeachTech is to provide professional development for K-12 teachers in teaching digital-age students who will need 21st Century Skills for their future careers. Modeled after the department’s successful Graduate Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT), TeachTech prepares teachers with practical classroom technology skills while meeting common core standards.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the TeachTech program is available for any semester with applications due March 1 for the following summer or fall, and November 1 for spring admission. Students must meet the requirements set by Graduate Division for admission. Students should select "Learning Design and Technology for Teachers" as the major on the graduate application form. In addition to the application materials required by UH Manoa Graduate Division, prospective students must also submit the following online (see LTEC web page for additional details):

  • TeachTech Intent to Apply form

Because the number of students who can be admitted is limited, the admission process is competitive and meeting the minimum established criteria does not guarantee automatic admission. A previous degree in educational technology is not required to enter the TeachTech program

Program Requirements

As required for all Graduate Certificate programs, the TeachTech course sequence will require students to complete five three-credit courses (total 15 credits) to earn the certificate. Three courses must be at the graduate level and are required. Each has a curricular focus on K-12 except the practicum that is tailored to individual student's projects and interests.

Required courses include:

  • LTEC 641 – Emerging Technologies for K-12 Teaching
  • LTEC 676 – Social and Ethical Issues in Educational Technology
  • LTEC 689 - LTEC Training and Evaluation Practicum

Culminating Project

TeachTech requires successful completion of a culminating project in the capstone course LTEC 689. This project includes development of a standards based electronic portfolio that showcases instructional products and teaching/training strategies that result from course assignments and projects. The certificate student will be expected to write a paper suitable for presentation at a professional conference related to their products from the certificate program.

Transfer Credit and Dual Programs

  • Transfer: A maximum of 6 credits from previously taken LTEC courses may be used to meet requirements with department approval as long as these courses are not older than 3 years and were not counted towards another certificate or previous degree. There are no transfer credits from other departments or other institutions for certificate programs.
  • Dual Programs: Students may be concurrently enroll in TeachTech and the LTEC MEd or PhD programs. Courses taken in the TeachTech program may count as electives for the MEd or PhD programs (approval required).

TeachTech students are required to have access to a laptop computer with Internet access to meet program requirements.

Learn More - Virtual Tours - Learning Design & Technology (LTEC) Programs

We offer virtual tours each fall and early spring to answer your questions about the program. You even get to “meet” some of the faculty online. Typically you need to attend one of these sessions before meeting individually with an advisor. If you'd like to attend the next tour(s), see below for more details.

Dates (click on the appropriate link to attend):

Thursday, Sep 20th at 5:30pm 
Monday, October 15th at 5:30pm
For these two sessions join Dr. Peter's vRoom

Tuesday, Nov 13 at 5:30pm
Wed, Dec 12  at 5:30pm  

For these two sessions join Dr. Fulford's vRoom

Attend any upcoming virtual tour for the department of Learning Design and Technology. See and talk with faculty advisors from all LTEC degree and certificate programs:
·       Graduate Certificates in Online Learning & Teaching as well as K-12 Instruction
·       Dual Masters Learning Design & Technology and Library Information Sciences
·       MEd Learning Design & Technology (Online and Campus Based)
·       PhD Learning Design & Technology

Take this chance to get answers to your questions from the comfort of your own home. You can access the tour with any computer or mobile device equipped with a speaker. A microphone is recommended but not essential. No registration or RSVP is required.  

Dr. Ari Eichelberger prepares to lecture graduate students

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