EdD Professional Practice

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Office of Graduate Education (OGE)

starting Semester General Admission International Student admission
Fall N/A N/A
Spring N/A N/A
*Summer (2020) February 15 February 15

Educational Foundations (EDEF)

starting Semester General Admission International Student admission
Fall N/A N/A
Spring N/A N/A
*Summer (2020) February 15 February 15

The next application window opens in Fall 2019 for the cohort starting Summer 2020.


The COE invites applications from prospective students with outstanding academic records and demonstrated potential to succeed in a professional practice doctoral program. The following is a summary of admissions requirements and course work. 

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) from an accredited university or college with evidence of at least five years of experience in the field of education
  • Demonstrated competence in writing with a written statement of higher career goals and academic objectives
  • Three recommendation forms
  • An oral interview and an in-person writing sample (may be required)

No standardized testing is required for this program. For example you do not need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

For further details about the program please see FAQ .

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Application Instructions

Please read the instructions on how to apply to the program and note that only complete applications with all supporting documents will be reviewed for admission. The program seeks qualified candidates across the state and requires sixty-four semester hours of credit spread over three years of study. Students will be organized in cohorts to encourage collaboration on projects, and they will be conducted in a combination of face-to-face instruction (during the summer) and participation in field-based projects. Instruction will involve collaboration with key stakeholders in the profession. Given the practitioner orientation of the program, there will be a strong applied research focus with students working on problems of practice in institutional settings.


1. Submit Materials to Office of Graduate Education (OGE) (or submit online through Makalei).

  • Office of Graduate Education Application Form
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended (except for UH)
  • Graduate Division Residency Declaration Form (if applicable)
  • TOEFL scores (if applicable)
  • Financial status verification for foreign students

Apply Now (Makalei)
The application and additional forms (payment, residency, and confidential financial statement for international applicants) are available on the UH Manoa Office Graduate of Education website: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/graduate/content/how-apply

Complete the Confidential Financial Statement for International Applicants if applicable. Sign this form and mail it directly to the Graduate Division. Print EdD Program clearly on top of the form and highlight.

Submit Materials to the Department of Educational Foundations (or submit online through Makalei).

1) Leadership Letter:

Submit a Leadership Letter -800 words

  • Describe your leadership objectives. Share your rationale for applying to the EdD program.
  • Think about a problem of practice you have experienced in your leadership role. Describe how you have approached this problem of practice. Provide a specific example of how you resolved the situation.
  • Describe personal and professional dispositions that would contribute to your overall success and growth in the program.  What do you think would be  your contribution to the program and cohort?

2) Brief Resume or Curriculum Vita (CV):

You are required to submit your resume or CV, either online through Makalei or sending a hard copy through the mail.

If you choose to mail your documents rather than submitting online through Makalei, please print EdD Program clearly on the top of your Resume. Highlight or underline the words with a colored pen or pencil to ensure that your application form is processed correctly.  Please do NOT mail your Leadership Letter and your Resume to the Office of Graduate Education (OGE)


3) Three completed Recommendation Forms

Three completed Recommendation forms (PDF form fillable) are required to support your application. Select references who are familiar with your professional work—for example, supervisors and principals. Your references may choose to submit a supporting letter, but it is not required.

The Recommendation Form is available through Makalei or if you choose to mail hard copies, you may access the form under Forms and Documents on this website for your references.


If you choose to submit hard copies of these supporting materials, please mail to:

EdD Program
Department of Educational Foundations, Wist 113
University of Hawai‘i
1776 University Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822

Ready to apply? Apply Now (Makalei)