3: Refining My Own Digital Story


In this lesson students will explore how to digitally edit a character’s appearance to further help to animate a personal story on a computer via Sprite Lab. It is hoped that students can express something unique about themselves through their Sprite project. The lesson first starts by modeling how the designer can refine the Moana character. Then the lesson moves on to have the student tell their own story and modify a sprite character to look more like themselves. Use homework from Module Digital Storytelling, Lessons 1, to add some personalized behaviors to the Sprite project.

Student Objectives

  • Understand that characteristics of the subject in a story can be refined to represent the character
  • See how a costume can be modified to better represent the character using the draw tools
  • Begin representing your own story using remixing/refining a costume to be a representation of yourself.  
  • Add backgrounds (worlds), your sprite, events and behaviors to represent your story

Storytelling Through Digital Media
Lesson 3: Refining My Own Digital Story

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Storytelling Through Digital Media
Lesson 3: Refining My Own Digital Story

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Activity Materials to Prepare
Activity 1: Demonstrating how Moana costumes can be refined
Activity 2:  Write your own story
Activity 3:  Modify a Costume to represent You Can open an Code.org account to start a project of your own:

Open a Code.org account and select Sprite Lab  – sign up for an account 

Activity 4: Your turn Free play to tell your story use modified sprite with your selected worlds and actions

  • Go to Code.org and login to your account.