Minara Mordecai

Minara Mordecai

PhD, Learning Design & Technology

Minara is a first-generation college graduate who is committed to equity and fairness in public education. Her work experience spans across higher education, K-12 and university administration, data governance, and policy analysis. She has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses and has focused her efforts on advancing opportunities and mentoring students that are underrepresented in high-demand careers. Equipped with training in Critical Race Studies and social science research, she assesses educational processes through a critical lens of historic and deep-seated barriers to advancement. Minara earned her bachelor’s degree at Occidental College and a law degree at UCLA. Most recently, she completed a PhD degree in Educational Technology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. She is a proud graduate of Fairfax High School in Los Angeles.

COE Affiliation

Learning Design and Technology

Other Affiliation

University of Hawaii at Mānoa