Join us for our three-day, face-to-face professional development workshops! The purpose of these workshops is to learn all about culturally-relevant computing and join a growing community of CS educators. Plus. you’ll get access to our custom-built culturally-relevant CS lessons designed for grades 3-6. There will be a total of six workshops on five different islands: O’ahu, Kaua’i, Big Island (Hilo and Kona), Maui, and Moloka’i. Please view the schedule below for the dates and locations of the workshops.

If you participated in our workshop in June 2022, we welcome you back again this year to learn additional skills and meet a new group of CS and cultural educators. A stipend of $585 will be available for eligible educators who complete the workshop.

Workshop Dates Island Link to Register Link to FAQ
#1 May 31- June 2 O’ahu (Honolulu) Register for O’ahu View FAQ for O’ahu
#2 June 7 – June 9 Kaua’i (Lihue) Register for Kaua’i View FAQ for Kaua’i
#3 June 12 – June 14 Big Island (Kea’au) Register for Kea‘au View FAQ for Kea’au
#4 June 15 – June 17 Big Island (Waikōloa) Register for Waikōloa View FAQ for Waikōloa
#5 June 21 – June 23 Maui (Pu’unēnē) Register for Puʻunēnē View FAQ for Puʻunēnē
#6 June 26 – June 28 Moloka’i (Kaunakakai) Register for Moloka’i View FAQ for Moloka’i

For more information about the workshop or to ask specific questions, please contact Dan Hoffman (