Who We Are

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A Collaborative Movement

ʻĀinahou is a collaborative movement through which Native Hawaiians at the College of Education execute our genealogical kuleana to our ʻāina, lāhui, and keiki.

The purpose of ʻĀinahou is to:

  1. increase the recruitment and retention of Native Hawaiian students;
  2. increase the recruitment and retention of Native Hawaiian faculty;
  3. provide opportunities and support for Native Hawaiians to participate in real leadership within the College;
  4. provide mentoring to the College community to ensure that Native Hawaiians are a part of the fiber of the College;
  5. provide a cultural compass for funding, professional, research and service activities in the College.
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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to lead the transformation of the UHM-COE in the areas of research, teaching, and service consistent with UH’s commitment to being the foremost Hawaiian and Indigenous serving institution to support/achieve our vision.

We envision an educational system in Lāhui Hawaiʽi based on tenets of Aloha, mālama, ʽike Hawaiʽi, and pono that liberates and empowers Native Hawaiians to execute our genealogical kuelana to ʽāina, lāhui, and keiki.

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Our values

Members of ʻĀinahou agree to emulate our Hawaiian values and customs as operating principles in accordance with this Palapala Alakaʻi.

Ua lehulehu a manomano ka ʻikena a ka HawaiʻiGreat and numerous is the knowledge of the Hawaiians

Kūlia i ka nuʻuStrive for the highest

Ma ka hana ka ʻikeIn working one learns

ʻAʻohe pau ka ʻike i ka hālau hoʻokahiLearning and knowledge is not learned in only one school

E lawe i ke aʻo a mālama, a e ʻoi mau ka naʻauaoOne who takes their teachings and applies them increases knowledge

Kuleanaright, privilege, responsibility, authority, interest, claim

Laulimawork together, cooperate

Haʻahaʻaservant leadership

Mountain mist
Photo credit: Kai Markell