Research Day at the Capitol

On February 6, 2024, College of Education faculty members and graduate assistants participated in the second annual UH Mānoa Research Day at the State Capitol. Events were held on the fourth floor of the Hawaiʻi State Capitol Building and included tables, demonstrations, and interactive activities.

This year’s theme, UH Mānoaʻs Kuleana to Hawai‘i and the World: Our Commitment to Excellence in Research, gave faculty members from the college’s Department of Curriculum Studies, Learning Design and Technology, and Special Education an opportunity to highlight how our innovative programs and research are contributing to the university’s global impact in strategic areas.

COE Faculty Selected to Present

Dr. Tara O’Neill, Professor, Curriculum Studies
(presented with Dr. Monique Chyba, College of Natural Sciences)
Maui Strong: Learning from the community to understand layers of trauma and apply trauma-informed STEM education as a tool to support processing, recovery, and healing

Dr. Dan Hoffman, Associate Professor, Learning Design and Technology
(presented with Graduate Assistants Jessica Chillingworth and Larry Nguyen)
Computer Science Education in Hawai‘i’s Public Schools: Analyzing the Impact of Act 158

Natalie Haggerty, Instructor, Special Education
Bridging the Gap: Free Tutoring for Struggling Readers by Aspiring Educators

Natalie Nimmer, PACMED Associate Director & Instructor, Curriculum Studies
Indigenous Learning Frameworks: Connecting Hawaiian and Marshallese Teaching & Learning

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