What should a Statement of Objectives include?

The LTEC department does not require applicants to include a particular element in their Statement of Objectives however we do provide applicants with a Statement of Objectives guide to steer them in the right direction.

What is the minimum GRE score required for admission?

The LTEC department takes all aspects of an application into consideration and as such, does not have a minimum GRE score requirement. That being said, an application should be well-rounded and an applicant’s GRE scores should demonstrate adequate academic competency.

Can I start taking LTEC Summer classes before I have been accepted into the program?

Yes. To start taking classes in summer, you will need to apply to the Outreach College as an unclassified graduate student until you are accepted into the program. After you are accepted, you will need to transfer your credits toward the program. Please contact the LTEC Office (ltec@hawaii.edu) for more information on applying for summer … read more of Can I start taking LTEC Summer classes before I have been accepted into the program?

How do I submit my GRE scores?

When applying to take the GRE, input UH Manoa’s code (4867) in the University code section, and your results will automatically be sent to UH Manoa Graduate Division. Therefore, you will not need to personally send a copy of your results to either Graduate Division or the LTEC Department.

How do I get an override for a course?

You would have to get the instructor’s approval by contacting them via email. Please contact the LTEC office at ltec@hawaii.edu for further assistance if the instructor is unavailable.

Can credits be transferred into the Master’s program?

Yes, up to 6 credits (2 courses) can be transferred into the Master’s program. To have credits from LTEC courses that you have previously taken count towards your degree, you will need to fill out a Petition to Transfer Credits Form and send it back to the LTEC office.