Hawaiʻi Positive Engagement Project (H-PEP)​

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Project Dates

2021 – 2024

Funding Source

US Department of Education Native Hawaiian Education Program


The Hawaiʻi Positive Engagement Project’s (H-PEP) mission is to innovatively address Native Hawaiian parent, educator, and student needs that have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goal 1: Address Native Hawaiian educator and parent toxic stress resulting from the pandemic so that they are the most effective when working with and parenting Native Hawaiian students/children.

Goal 2: Build Native Hawaiian student literacy through the use of the Storytelling for the Home Enrichment of Language and Literacy Skills (SHELLS) model, an experiential bookmaking model that encourages positive parent-child engagement.

Goal 3: Conduct research on the current status and needs of Native Hawaiian educators and parents

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Hawaiʻi Positive Engagement Project (H-PEP)​