CAMP +U Postsecondary Training Program on Inclusive Practices is coming to a campus near you!

Funded by the University of Hawaii Foundation, CAMP +U aims to empower students with learning differences in postsecondary education to persist and succeed. These differences span from specific learning disabilities to conditions such as attention deficits, sensory processing disorders, and executive function challenges.

CAMP +U is a 10-hour self-directed online training that was designed to equip and enhance faculty, staff, and administrator interactions to proactively design higher education spaces and instruction with diversity in mind to better engage students. Topics in the 5 modules include disability awareness, Universal Design for Learning, educational technology to support learner agency, strategies to strengthen classroom belonging and community, and sensory integration. By fostering self-awareness, shifting attitudes, and increasing familiarity with inclusive practices, the project aims to cultivate belonging on our college campuses and ensure student success. Campus partners will also receive the CAMP +U Mobile Sensory Lab, with 13 easy to install items that prioritizes portability and appeals to a variety of sensory needs (light, sound, touch, smell).

This summer CAMP + training and sensory spaces will be available at Chaminade University and Leeward Community College. If you would like more information on bringing this training and mobile sensory space to your campus contact: Holly Manaseri, principal investigator at,