image of Patricia Halagao

Patricia Halagao Professor, Department & Graduate Chair

Interests: Filipino curriculum & pedagogy; Multicultural education; Social studies; Cultural & linguistic policy

(808) 956-9295

image of Kimo Cashman

Kimo Cashman Specialist

Interests: Aloha ʻĀina Education and Leadership, Hawaiian Education, Art Education, Storytelling, Teacher Leader, Teacher Professional Development

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image of Pauline Chinn

Pauline Chinn Professor

Interests: My research and instructional interests focus on place-based education with a focus on Hawaiʻi and the Pacific Islands, sustainability science, professional development and teacher leadership, Indigenou science education; and transdisciplinary, culturally sustaining curriculum development.

(808) 956-4411

image of Robyn Chun

Robyn Chun Assistant Specialist

Interests: Early Childhood Higher Education and Professional Development Systems; Implications of Hawai'i's Indigenous and Local Culture on Professional Development and Teacher Preparation; Project Work in the Early Years

(808) 956-0337

image of Linda Furuto

Linda Furuto Professor of Mathematics Education

Interests: Mathematics achievement; Quantitative research methodology; Ethnomathematics; Access and equity; ; STEM

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image of Julie Kaomea

Julie Kaomea Professor

Interests: Decolonizing Research Methodologies; Native Hawaiian Education; Indigenous Education

(808) 956-3994

image of Eomailani Kukahiko

Eomailani Kukahiko Specialist

Interests: Mathematics Education; Hawaiian Language Immersion Education; STEMM Education

(808) 956-8918

image of Margaret Maaka

Margaret Maaka Professor

Interests: Educational psychology/Indigenous educational psychology; Language and cognitive development; Multiliteracies; Educational policy; Indigenous development and advancement; Indigenous Leadership

image of Summer Maunakea

Summer Maunakea Assistant Professor

Interests: Eco-justice Pedagogy; Research Methodologies; Dismantling Settler Colonial Perspectives of Place and Place-based Education; Culturally Relevant Evaluation & Assessment; Sustainability Education; ʻĀina-based Pedagogies; Indigenous Land-based Education

image of Natalie Nimmer

Natalie Nimmer Associate Director & Instructor, PACMED

Interests: Indigenous Learning Frameworks, Micronesia, Marshall Islands

image of Tara O'Neill

Tara O'Neill Professor

Interests: STEMS^2 Education, STEM Education, Multicultural Ed, Place-Based Ed, Secondary Science, Culture-Based Ed, equity, social justice

(808) 956-0415

image of Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Interests: Philosophy and Social Theory (particularly Poststructuralism & Feminist New Materialisms); Literacies; Qualitative Research Methods; Art, Making, and Visuality

image of Kiyomi Umezawa

Kiyomi Umezawa Assistant Professor

Interests: Place-Based Education; Anthropology of Education Policy; Bi/Multilingual Education; Early Childhood Education

image of Brooke Ward Taira

Brooke Ward Taira Assistant Professor

Interests: Migration and Literacy; Culturally Responsive Assessment; Literacy Studies; Teacher Education; Multicultural Education

image of Deborah Zuercher

Deborah Zuercher Professor and Director of PACMED

Interests: Hawaiian and Place-based Education; Multicultural and International Education; Technology and STEM; K12 Instruction and Teacher Preparation; Leadership, Admin and Policy

image of Jaime Lum

Jaime Lum STEMS^2 & ECE Educational Specialist

(808) 956-2376

image of Larson Ng

Larson Ng Educational Specialist / Graduate Faculty

Interests: Island-Based Economics; Hawaiian Kingdom Public School System; Educational Leadership Professional Development; Renationalization Methodologies and Curriculum; Applied Econometric and Mixed Research Methods

(808) 956-6435

image of Joelle Takayama

Joelle Takayama Academic Support Specialist

(808) 956-4401