HIDOE Teacher Reclassification Course Credits

Guidelines & FAQ

HIDOE teachers are eligible to enroll in CS courses for reclassification credits, pending your principal’s approval.

For more information please see: Guidelines for Teacher Reclassification & FAQs

Please note: Per the HIDOE Office of Talent Management, teachers are able to take individual courses that are a part of a degree program, even if they are not fully enrolled in the program. In this case, CS courses are part of the MEd Curriculum Studies degree program at the UHM College of Education and may satisfy any one of the requirements below.

Teachers are advised to submit the Form DOE OTM 200-005(a) & Course Description to the HIDOE Reclassification office ( after getting their principal’s approval to ensure that the specific course satisfies one of the following requirements:

  • Course is in Education
  • Course is in the Teacher’s Area of Preparation
  • Course is in the Teacher’s Teaching Assignment
  • Course is in a Special Interest Area (Science, Technology, Math, English as Second Language, Special Education, Hawaiian Knowledge)