Department Vision and Mission

Vision: O ke kakoo ana i na alakai i makaukau me ka pono no ko Hawaii Pae Aina a puni, me ka hookumu ana i na hana e pono ai ka aina, a me ka noho maluhia ana o Kanaka.

Curriculum Studies supports curricular leaders who are committed to collaborating with their communities, particularly in Hawai‘i and the Pacific, to build a more socially just, sustainable, and equitable society.

Mission: E malama i ka olelo, i kuleana e kipa mai ai.(Pukui, 1983, p. 348)
Remember the invitation, for it gives you the privilege of coming here.
A person feels welcome when accepting an invitation and friendly promises.

The Department’s mission is to (1) foster and engage communities in respectful dialogue and critical examination of curriculum, with Hawai`i’s multiple histories at its core and (2) develop and implement programs supporting the Pacific’s diverse communities, with special emphasis placed on Hawaiian language, culture, and people.