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    Assistant Professor


    • Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science


    • 2005 Bachelor of Science Kinesiology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • 2008 Master of Science Kinesiology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • 2012 Doctor of Philosophy Curriculum and Instruction University of Texas at Austin

    Area(s) of Interest

    • Relationship between physical activity and academic achievement
    • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs
    • Physical Education

    Brief Biography

    Erin E. Centeio, Ph.D., is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Department of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Over the last six years, in conjunction with the Center for Health and Community Impact at Wayne State University, Erin has conducted research that focuses on increasing children’s levels of physical activity throughout the school day and understanding the effects this has on their health, as well as the cognitive and psychosocial benefits. Dr. Centeio has consulted with numerous physical education teachers and school districts to maximize potential for physical activity opportunities and quality physical education in the schools. A current grant that Dr. Centeio is working on is called Dearborn SHINES. It is funded through the Michigan Health Endowment Fund and Beaumont Health; it focuses on creating a culture of health in eight elementary and middle schools within the Dearborn Public School district in Michigan. Erin also works with the Kids Work It Out program that is implemented in Detroit Public Schools and focuses on providing students with the opportunity to engage in yoga as well as learn social emotional and healthy eating skills. Dr. Centeio has authored/coauthored over 68 presentations at National and International conferences, as well as published over 27 papers focusing on integrating physical activity into the school setting. Erin is excited to enter her first year at the University of Hawaii and is seeking to better understand the culture of physical education and physical activity in the State.

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    Scholarly Works

      Journal Articles

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