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  • photoThomas Scarlett

    Dir. Teacher Svcs.


    • Curriculum Research & Development Group


    • BEd El. Ed University of Hawaii 1973 MEd EdPsy University of Hawaii 1980 MEd EdAdmin University of Hawaii 1997 PhD Education University of Hawaii 2008

    Area(s) of Interest

    • Professional Development Pedagogical Content Knowledge Science Education

    Contact Information

    Office Phone

    (808) 956-7863


    CRDG UHS-1 108



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    Curriculum Vitae


    Scholarly Works

    • Brennan, C., Scarlett, T., Pottenger, F. (2013). Meeting HCPS III Science Benchmarks, Grade 6. (). Place: University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Curriculum Research & Development Group.    Details
    • Young, D., Oshiro, E., Brown, B., Schlosser, J., Slovin, H., Brandon, P., Olson, M., Zenigami, F., Brennan, C., Scarlett, T., Berg, K., Nguyen, T., Pottenger, F. (2012). Instructional materials selection components and criteria. Place: Honolulu, HI.    Details
    • Young, D., Brown, B., Duncan, K., Oshiro, E., Gilbert, M., Nakamura, A., Lorenzana, R., Schlosser, J., Brandon, P., Slovin, H., Higa, T., Berg, K., Olson, M., Zenigami, F., Brennan, C., Scarlett, T., Nguyen, T., Venenciano, L., Pottenger, F. (2010). A model for designing and evaluating K–12 professional development at multiple organizational levels. Presented at the 34th Annual Pacific Circle Consortium Conference, Ashland, OR.    Details