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  • Cecily Ornelles

    Associate Professor


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      Cecily Ornelles

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        Book Chapters

      • Jegatheesan, B., Sheehey, P., & Ornelles, C. (2011). Teaching for transformation: Preparing teacher candidates to work with Asian American and Pacific Islander students with disabilities and their families. In E. D. McCray, P. A. McHatton, & & C. L. Beverly (Eds.), Knowledge, skills, and dispositions for culturally competent and intercultural sensitive leaders in education (pp. 142–175). Council for Exceptional Children.
      • Journal Articles

      • Jeegatheesan, B., Ornelles, C., Sheehey, P., & Elliot, E. (2017). Teaching indigenous students with developmental disabilities: Embedding cultural practices of dance, movement, and music in pedagogy. Child Studies in Asia=Pacific Contexts, 7(1), 1–13.
      • McDougall, D. J., Ornelles, C., & Rao, K. (2015). A primer on the pathway to scholarly writing: Helping nascent writers to unlearn conditioned habits. College Student Journal, 49(2), 262–270.
      • McDougall, D. J., Ornelles, C., Mersberg, K., & Amona, K. (2015). A meta-analytic review of tactile-cued self-monitoring interventions used by students in educational settings. Journal of the Academy of American Special Education Professionals, 8(1), 175–205.
      • Ornelles, C., & Black, R. S. (2012). Using invitational learning to address writing competence for middle school students with disabilities. Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice, 18, 26–36.
      • Sheehey, P., Noonan, M. J., & Ornelles, C. (2009). Biculturalization: Developing Culturally Responsive Approaches to Family Participation. Intervention in School and Clinic, 45 (2), 132–139.
      • Jenkins, A. A., & Ornelles, C. (2009). Determining professional development needs of general educators in teaching students with disabilities in Hawaii. Professional Development in Education, 35(4), 635–654.
      • Presentations

      • Ray, A., Ornelles, C., & Wells, J. C. (2019). Designing online courses to enhance adult learner engagement utilizing an online course design matrix. Presented at 35th Annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, Madison, WI.
      • Ornelles, C., Ray, A., & Wells, J. C. (2018). Designing online courses in teacher education to enhance learner Engagemen. Presented at TED 2018: 41ST Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
      • Ornelles, C., Black, R. S., & Rogers-Rodrigues, H. (2018). Closing the research to practice gap: Matching instructional strategies to student needs. Presented at 2018 Annual Teacher Education Division Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
      • Ornelles, C., & Jenkins, A. A. (2011). Secondary general education teacher perspectives: Recommendations for professional development. Presented at 34th Annual Teacher Education Division, CEC, Austin, TX.
      • Jenkins, A. A., Ornelles, C., & C, Mulrine. (2008). Secondary preservice & inservice teachers’ confidence in teaching students with disabilities: Hawaii and New Jersey. Presented at 2008 Annual CEC Convention and Expo, Boston, MA.