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      Journal Articles

    • Hitchcock, C., Rao, K., Chang, C., & Yuen, J. A. W. (2016). TeenACE for Science: Using multimedia tools and scaffolds to support writing. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 35, 10-23.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., & Rao, K. (2013). Power Assisted Writing for Science: Developing Expository Writing in a Multimedia Environment. Teaching Exceptional Children, Vol. 46, No. 1, 25.   Publication Details
    • Rao, K., Hitchcock, C., Corbeill, C., Boisvert, P., & Kilpatrick, E. (2012). Do it yourself: Video self modeling made easy. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45, online.   Publication Details
    • Prater, M. A., Carter, N., Hitchcock, C., & Dowrick, P. W. (2012). Video Self Modeling to Improve Academic Performance: A Literature Review. Psychology in the Schools, Vol. 49, Issue 1, 71-81.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., Chang, C., & Prater, M. A. (2009). Cultural Competence: Developing and Assessing Multicultural Proficiency for Teachers and School Personnel in Hawaii. Multicultural Learning and Teaching, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Article 2, 1-24.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., Dowrick, P. W., & Prater, M. A. (2004). Reading Comprehension and Fluency: Examining the Effects of Tutoring and Video Self-Modeling on First-Grade Students with Reading Difficulties. Learning Disability Quarterly, Vol. 27, Issue 2, 89-103.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., Dowrick, P. W., & Prater, M. A. (2003). Video Self-Modeling Intervention in School-Based Settings. Remedial and Special Education, Vol. 24, No. 1, 36-45.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., & Noonan, M. J. (2000). Computer-Assisted Instruction of Early Academic Skills. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, Issue 20, No. 3, 145-158.   Publication Details
    • Teasdale, J., Psych, D., Hunt, H., Greene, S., Hemsley, D., Hitchcock, C., & Connell, P. (1975). Ward Environment in an Inpatient Drug Dependence Treatment Unit. I. Activity Levels and Ward Atmosphere. Substance Use and Misuse, Vol. 10, No. 3, 401-416.   Publication Details
    • Teasdale, J. D., Evans, J., Hunt, H., Greene, S., Hitchcock, C., & Connell, P. H. (1975). Ward Environment in an Inpatient Drug Dependence Treatment Unit: II. Attempts to Improve Ward Environment. Substance Use and Misuse, Vol. 10, No. 4, 539-555.   Publication Details
    • Murray, D. J., & Hitchcock, C. (1973). The Nature of the Memory Deficit in Korsakoff's Psychosis. Canadian Journal of Psychology, Vol. 27, No. 4, 414-421.   Publication Details
    • Conference Proceedings

    • Hitchcock, C., Rao, K., Chang, C., & Corbeill, C. (2013, Apr). TeenACE for Science: Improving Writing Skills Through Multimedia Technology. Proceedings of the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association.   Publication Details
    • Presentations

    • Hitchcock, C., & Rao, K. (2014, Mar). Multimedia technology and instructional strategies to improve writing skills: POWER Assisted Writing for Science (PAWS). Presented at the American Council for Rural Special Education conference, Tucson, Arizona.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., Rao, K., & Chang, C. (2013, Jul). Promoting science and expository writing in a multimedia environment. Presented at the Office of Special Education Programs, Project Director’s Conference, Washington, DC.   Publication Details
    • Hitchcock, C., Rao, K., Chang, C., & Dowrick, P. W. (2012, Apr). Community Partner Tutoring and Video Self Modeling as RTI Reading Interventions: Connections to Invitational Education. Presented at the AERA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   Publication Details