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    Professor Emeritus


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    Peter Dowrick

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    Scholarly Works

      Journal Articles

    • Hitchcock, C. H., Carter, N., Hitchcock, C. H., & Dowrick, P. W. (2012). Video Self Modeling to Improve Academic Performance: A Literature Review. Psychology in the Schools, Vol. 49, Issue 1, 71–81.
    • Rao, K., Dowrick, P. W., Yuen, J. A. W., & Boisvert, P. (2009). Writing in a multimedia environment: Pilot outcomes for high school students in special education. Journal of Special Education Technology, 24, 22–27.
    • Kim-Rupnow, W. S., & Dowrick, P. W. (2008). ACE for English Language Learners: An Online Professional Development Program. The International Journal of Learning, Vol. 15, Issue 11, 241–247.
    • Hitchcock, C. H., Prater, M. A., & Dowrick, P. W. (2004). Reading Comprehension and Fluency: Examining the Effects of Tutoring and Video Self-Modeling on First-Grade Students with Reading Difficulties. Learning Disability Quarterly, Vol. 27, Issue 2, 89–103.
    • Hitchcock, C. H., Dowrick, P. W., & Prater, M. A. (2003). Video Self-Modeling Intervention in School-Based Settings. Remedial and Special Education, Vol. 24, No. 1, 36–45.
    • Presentations

    • Hitchcock, C. H., Rao, K., Chang, C. C., & Dowrick, P. W. (2012, April). Community Partner Tutoring and Video Self Modeling as RTI Reading Interventions: Connections to Invitational Education. Presented at AERA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.