Historical & Current Documents

Key documents developed in Hawai'i relating to Early Childhood Professional Development.


The Hawai’i Plan – Educational Excellence for the Pacific Era.

Recommendations to the Hawai’i Business Roundtable. (Berman, Paul, Known as “Berman Report”. Hawai’i Business Roundtable)

Summary: Presented plan for education reform in Hawai’i Preschool to Grade 12. First recommendation is to universalize early education (focused on preschool) through public/private partnerships. Recommended grants from state to public and private preschools and sliding fee scales for parents, upgraded certifications for preschool

State Child Care Needs Assessment

(Governorʻs Office of Children and Youth – OCY)

Summary: Found that low wages, lack of training opportunities and resources to pay for
training affects quality and availability of child care.


Cost and Financing of Early Childhood Care/Education in Hawai’i – Preliminary Report on the Existing System

(For OCY in association with HCF and Hawai’i Business Roundtable.)

Summary: Examines capacity and funding issues. Recommends looking at staff turnover rates, which impact on capacity. Recruitment and retention of qualified staff include looking at compensation issue. Those qualified to teach in DOE are attracted there by salaries and work schedules.

Highlights of Early Childhood Education and Care in Hawai’i – A Summary Report from a Study Conducted by a Public-Private Partnership.

(Sponsored by Hawai’i Business Roundtable, HCF, OCY)

Summary: Provides summary of capacity and funding issues. Funding charts include column on “Professional Development”. Total known funding for PD was .6% of total funding for ECEC.

Incremental Planning for Early Childhood Career Development in Hawai’I – Report from a Planning Clinic

(Linda Buck for Hawai’i Community Foundation)

Summary: Summary of work done since 1989, with proposed plan for future Career Development System.


Framework for Early Care and Education Practitioners

(CDC – Henry and Dorothy Castle Memorial Fund)

Summary: Document that showed levels according to education and experience. Showed college credits and clock hours. Used in voluntary part of Personnel Registry.

Career Paths in Early Care and Education

(CDC – now using “Hawaiʻi Careers with Young Children” and crossed palm fronds logo. Henry and Dorothy Castle Memorial Fund)

Summary: Booklet that gave job titles, roles, and suggested education and training


Trainer application

(HCYC workgroup, piloted by HAEYC and PATCH)

Summary: Trainer application developed and piloted with HAEYC Hawai’i Early Childhood Accreditation Project (HECAP) trainers and facilitators and with all PATCH trainers. Database at HAEYC. Revised in 2012.

Learning to Grow – Developmental Guidelines and Early Learning Activities for Young Preschoolers

Center on the Family, UH Mānoa for DHS

Summary: Includes developmental guidelines for children up to 48 months, hallmarks of learning, and early learning activities.