MEd in Educational Administration (Higher Education) Student

Adam Bain

"Every day, we have the opportunity to become a leader whether it's in our own life or impacting the lives of others."


‘Aiea, HI


Educational Administration

Related Degrees

  • MEd, Educational Administration: Higher Ed

Current Position
I have been the operations coordinator of UH’s Student Recreation Services for the past three years.

How did you select the leader(s) to be featured on the Alakaʻi* website?
I chose someone who helped guide me to where I am today. This person helped me to think critically about what I wanted to do in life and pushed me to find a passion that would keep me excited every day.

How did this experience change or help shape your own approach/ideologies regarding leadership?
Every day, we have the opportunity to become a leader whether it’s in our own life or impacting the lives of others. After the leadership and development class, I look at every situation as a learning experience so that I can add more and more tools to my “toolbox” and become the best leader I can be.

What are your future career plans?
I will continue to work at UH while earning my master’s degree in higher education as well as continue the work I do with students

How has the COE helped you along your path in education/career?
The COE helped me to become more conscious of the work I do and how it impacts the students I work with. It’s also helped me meet other people in the field, allowing for an awesome networking experience on campus.

*Alakaʻi: Leading the Way in Hawaiʻi Nei is a website created by graduate students in Toby Jenkins-Henry’s “Management & Leadership” course. The website serves as a free global resource and archive that documents leadership styles, values, and ideologies in Hawaiʻi. It features interviews of 27 leaders from a variety of sectors who share their approaches and ideologies regarding leadership, offering a full portrait of the diverse leadership landscape in Hawaiʻi.

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