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Dr. Hannah M. Tavares, an associate professor in the College of Education (COE) Department of Educational Foundations, is co-editor of a new book series, Flashpoint Epistemology. The series was launched in January 2024 following the release of its inaugural two volumes issue, which includes a chapter by Dr. Amy Sojot who earned her PhD in Educational Foundations. As part of the editorial team, Tavares is circulating a Call for Monograph Proposals to faculty and advanced graduate students whose research falls within the parameters of the series.

Call for Monograph Proposals
Flashpoint Epistemology: Education in the Age of Interconnection and Complexity
Editors: Bernadette Baker, Antti Saari, Liang Wang & Hannah Tavares

The 21st century is steeped in claims to interconnection, technological innovation, and new affective intensities amid challenges to the primacy and centrality of ‘the human.’ The Flashpoint Epistemology series attends to the lived difficulties that arise in teaching, policy making, curriculum, and research among continuous practices of differentiation, and for which there is no preexisting, easy template for judgment, resolution, or action. We are seeking proposals that wish to take up the depth and breadth of challenges that are keyed to flashpoint epistemology from across diverse global, domestic and/or interdisciplinary frames. The series is a space for examining more closely the impacts of technological innovation, claims to and politics of interconnection, and transformative engagements with complex systems that are redefining educational work.

The series focuses especially on the role of new technologies, broadly conceived, in the enabling or intensification of flashpoints, or on new technologies as flashpoints that amplify and  transform differences-in-the-meeting, that can activate unique histories of the present, and that force dedicated responses, whether from ‘human’ or more-than-human actants. The series especially encourages innovative work that moves beyond ‘cultural clash’ theses and instrumental rationalities and that examines the complexities, interconnections, silences and ethical quandaries indexical of many transformative technologies and new moments in education. Such moments can embody futuristic possibilities, elaborate existing limits, and spawn deep ethical aporia that, for better or for worse, are putting the very existence of the field in its current form at stake. The series is globally open, interdisciplinary in orientation, interested in all principles of diversity, and cutting-edge work that will push education to think more deeply about the ethics, possibilities, limitations and power relations entailed in moments of change, past and present.

We encourage a range of monograph prospectuses (not edited volumes) that draw on and develop new approaches to engage flashpoints such as in the acts of teaching-research-being amid AI, new biological rationalities, social media, etc, and from work (in no specific order) related to STS and education, curriculum studies, postfoundational thought, critical and effective histories and philosophies of education including raciological, decolonial, otherways, and indigenous approaches, South-North and East-West analytics, and more. Interested authors should consult the introduction to the series and Volumes 1 and 2, as well as the unique chapters in these first two 2024 publications. New proposals are not confined to this range. 2024 proposals should refer to monographs close to completion.

Prospectuses must follow the guidelines set by Routledge and speak to the theme of the flashpoint series outlined in the series introduction and fully elaborated in Volume 1. While the editorial team do not evaluate or comment on draft prospectuses we welcome inquiries. Please forward initial inquiries and finalized Routledge proposals to the editors at:

bbaker@education.wisc.edu, anti.saari@tuni.fi, lwang82@wisc.edu, hannaht@hawaii.edu

For more information visit: Vol 1: www.routledge.com/9781032593357   Vol 2: www.routledge.com/9781032593364

Book Proposal Instructions



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