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College of Education Emerita Professor Eileen H. Tamura has written a new book titled We Too! Gender Equity in Education and the Road to Title IX. The book provides a detailed history of the origins of Title IX, drawing on social movement theories, examining issues of race and class, and using the lens of caste to analyze hierarchies of gender.

“You and your children may be examples of the results of Title IX, the far-reaching 1972 statute that opened educational and employment opportunities for both women and men,” Tamura stated. “This book highlights the efforts of women, both inside and outside the government, who laid the groundwork years before the law’s passage. There is a mistaken assumption that Representative Patsy Mink was central to the law’s enactment. Tamura’s study provides evidence that in Congress, Representative Edith Green of Oregon and Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana were the key authors and leaders of this consequential law.”

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Dr. Tamura is professor emerita at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa College of Education. Before retiring, she chaired the Department of Educational Foundations. She served as president of the History of Education Society, editorial board member and associate editor of the History of Education Quarterly, and editorial board member of the Journal of American Ethnic History. In addition to journal articles and chapter essays, she has authored, co-authored, and edited eight history books, including The Oxford Handbook of the History of Education (co-edited).





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