Vanessa Ghersi, 14 years of experience linked to higher education in Peru, 20 years of experience in dentistry, a specialist in the dental care of people with special needs. Interested in studying the international trends addressing multiculturalism, vulnerable populations, and diversity to create an international educational perspective in developing countries.

Research Interests

Being a citizen of a low-income country with a still immature system regarding the rights of minorities, international policies that facilitate the growth of societies towards a truly equal and respectful coexistence, are certainly needed. Consequently, the research lines that coincide with her professional experience, background, and even her origin are the ones related to international inclusive education, policies in education, and human rights. For the dissertation she is interested in researching different aspects of higher education in marginalized populations in Peru.

Ph.D. Track

Global & International Education

COE Affiliation

Educational Foundations


Professional Degree of Specialist in Special Patients Care. (2008)
Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University, Lima

M.Ed., Master of Higher Education Teaching. (2013)
Andres Bello University, Santiago, Chile