BEd in Elementary Education Student (Ka Malu O Kaiona Cohort)

K. Bingo

"I would hope to impact my students so that one day they might be inspired to become a teacher too."


Leeward, Oʽahu


School of Teacher Education - Elementary

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  • BEd, Elementary Education

Where are you student teaching?
I currently work as a preschool teacher’s aide at Waiʽanae Elementary School. I work with children from three months to one year old.

How did you become interested in the field of education? The Elementary Education Program?
I became interested in the field of education because I wanted to be able to help prepare children for their future. Teaching the youngsters and preparing them to have a bright future is one of my biggest hopes as I become an educator. I also want to create fun and engaging lessons for my students, such as hands-on activities and student-led and place-based learning.

I became interested in the Elementary Education program because it provides ways for me to educate myself to become the best educator I can be. Going through this program has really ensured that when I graduate I’ll be a well-rounded teacher through everything I learned. I have really enjoyed and learned so much in this program.

Do you participate in any clubs or organizations in or outside of school?
I’m currently a member of the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society. This honor society is one of the nation’s most prestigious honor societies. By being a part of this organization provides opportunities for my future employment and professional development.

How has the COE program impacted or benefited your career path?
The College of Education program benefited my career path by preparing and shaping me into the person I am today. This program helped me fully prepare me to become a teacher through all my coursework, including professional dispositions and formal observations. As my college journey comes to an end, I will be well equipped to become a teacher and have my own group of students to teach. Thank you to all my mentor teachers and professors, especially Rosela.

Is there anyone in particular who inspired you to pursue teaching as a career?
One person who inspired me to pursue teaching as a career was my first-grade teacher, Ms. Noguchi. She would care for her students no matter what the situation was. She would do anything to help guide her students. She had a big heart and was so loving to all her students. It was very easy to talk to Ms. Noguchi. From that point on, I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to become a teacher and care for each individual student for who they are and prepare them for their future. I would hope to impact my students so that one day my students would be inspired to become a teacher too.

What is your most memorable experience from being a part of the Ka Malu O Kaiona* cohort?
My most memorable experience from being a part of the Ka Malu O Kaiona cohort is when we participated in a community advocacy project at Waiʽanae Elementary School. We got the opportunity to beautify the school by painting the sixth-grade stairways. After painting the stairways, it looked refreshed with bright blue and yellow paint. This was the most memorable experience because this was the first time our cohort met in-person. It was such a great way to bond and give back to our community.

What are your future visions and goals?
My future vision and goals are to become a teacher at my desired school. After a few years of teaching, I would like to go back to school to earn my special education certification. I would like to continue and grow in the profession that I’m passionate about. I believe that as a teacher I will always be learning every day in and outside of the classroom.

Anything else you would like to include about your student teaching placement on the Wai‘anae Coast?
I would love to continue working on the Leeward side because there are lots of diverse students at the schools. Every student is so different in their own unique way, which makes each classroom special. That’s what I love about working on this side of the island.

*Ka Malu O Kaiona is a K-6 elementary cohort in the School of Teacher Education Elementary Program coordinated by Dr. Rosela Balinbin Santos. Based in Wai‘anae Coast partner schools with the goal of recruiting future teachers for and from Wai‘anae Coast communities, the program focuses on place-based learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and community advocacy. Spring 2022 marks the second cohort of graduates from the Ka Malu O Kaiona.


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