A Research Practice Partnership

HERN invigorates research-practice partnerships with an aim to identify and promote research that fuels innovation and effective policy and practice in public education.

Research projects will:

  • Drive innovation in the Hawai‘i Department of Education Promise Plan:  LINK to 2030 Promise Plan
  • Promote social justice
  • Increase access to quality education
  • Improve learning and student engagement, and
  • Improve future teachers’ and researchers’ understandings of the educational landscape in Hawai‘i

Our Vision

Develop a statewide prioritized education research agenda.

Our Mission

To develop a statewide prioritized education agenda by increasing research activity around research topics of shared interest and mutual benefit and supporting factors of sustainability for research partnerships.

Hern meeting in classroom

Get Involved In HERN!

Research Collaboration Form

This form is designed to collect information from you regarding potential and existing research projects. This information will be used to connect you with others with shared research interests.

HERN Brownbag Request

HERN brown bag meetings may be used for various endeavors (i.e., disseminate research findings, brainstorm research questions/topics, identify resources/partners). Use this form to request a brown bag meeting.

Interested In Learning More About the Educational Research Process?

Fill out this form to request access to a self-paced course that addresses the basics of the educational research process. This course was designed specifically for our Hawai‘i Department of Education partners