The purpose of this project is to understand how Instructional Teams at the school level and Leadership Teams at the school and complex area levels use data-informed decision-making.  Through one-on-one interviews with staff at all three levels of the Hawaiʻi DOE, researchers will compare the various processes and procedures employed to collect, analyze, and use data to inform decision-making related to student learning and student learning outcomes to identify both promising practices and areas for improvement.  The goal of this project is to assist the Hawaiʻi DOE in understanding how data-informed decision-making processes have been learned, communicated, and implemented throughout different complex areas in order to share promising practices and improve sustainable process development and implementation procedures.

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Lisa Wilkinson

School Transformation Branch Director

School Transformation Branch

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Rampal Singh

Educational Specialist

School Transformation Branch

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D. Brent Edwards Jr.


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Siobhan Ng

Doctoral student

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