VolcanoSummary: Earthquake, collapsing of the edges, sulfur are being recognized regarding the Pit of Pele, and they feature the return of that supernatural woman of Halemaʻumaʻu to her palace. 

Reference: Will Peleʻs Fires Blaze Again? / E A Hou Ana Anei ke Ahi a ka Wahine? (1927, February 1). Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XX, Number 36.

Edited Teaching Material

two students in loiSummary: A call to plant more kalo in rural areas since the loʻi in town are being dried up.

Reference: Donʻt Neglect Taro Farming / Mai Hoʻopalaleha i ke kanu kalo (1911, Auk 8). ʻokoʻa Home Rula, Volume IX, Number 33.

Donʻt Neglect Taro Farming (English Translation)

RiceSummary: On the value of growing rice instead of kalo in Hawaiʻi

Reference: Farming Rice: Suitable for Hawaiʻi? / ʻO ke kanu raiki, he kūpono anei kēia i ko Hawaiʻi nei (1863, Pep 21). Ka Nūpepa Kūʻokoʻa, Volume II, number 8

Farming Rice: Suitable for Hawaiʻi? (English Translation)

Summary: A comparison of traditional and modern farming techniques

Reference: Ancient and Modern Farming Techniques / ke ʻano o ka mahi kalo ʻana o ka wā kahiko me kēia au hou (1930, July 17). Ke alakaʻi o Hawaiʻi, Volume III, Number 11.

Ancient and Modern Farming Techniques (English Translation)

Summary: Advice on soil management, pest control, and cultivar selection for high-yield sweet potato farming for profit.

Reference: On Planting Sweet Potatoes/ No ke Kanu Uala, (1908, October 9). Ka Nupepa Kuokoa Volume XLIII, Number 41.

Edited Teaching Material

Summary: A warning against carelessly discarding matches, lest children find them and eat the poisonous sulfur tips. 

Reference: A Warning on Poisonous Match Heads / E na makua mea keiki (1859, August 17), Ka Hae Hawaii, Volume 4, Number 20.

Edited Teaching Materials

Summary: Amusing anecdote/dialogue on why moss doesn’t grow on a metal ball in a Kualoa River demonstrating scientific curiosity, inquiry. Other topics: Industrial waste pollution. 

Reference: Ball Where Moss Doesnʻt Grow / Poka ulu Olaia e ka Limu (1909, 13 August), Kuokoa Home Rula, Volume VII, Number 33.

Edited Teaching Material 

Summary: An 1857 article announcing the first introduction of frogs in order to keep pests down in a loʻi. 

Reference: Introduction of Frogs to Hawaiʻi / He mea hou (1857, 30 September), Ka Hae Hawaii, Volume 2, Number 27.

Edited Teaching Material

Summary: Announcing a school of Halalu in Honolulu Harbor, with an explanation of their cultural relation to ali’i and the changing beliefs.

Reference: Halalū Schooling in Honolulu Harbor / Ke Ku Mai Nei Ka Halalu Ma Ke Awa O Honolulu (1931, August 27). Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Volume III, Number 17.

Edited Teaching Material

Summary: Announcing passage of a bill banning the collection of limu by non-natives for commercial purposes. 

Reference: Limu Bill Passes / Holo ka Bila Limu (1939, May 17). Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 3.

Edited Teaching Material

skySummary: An article describing land divisions, soil, water, and wind characteristics, lifestyle, neighborhoods, and people in Palolo.

Reference: Pālolo Valley / Ke Awawa o Palolo (1866, September 17). Ke Au Okoa, Volume II, Number 22, aa3.

Edited Teaching Material

Terraced fieldSummary: A report on the Board of Healthʻs work to install sewer lines in Mōʻiliʻili

Reference: A Sewer for Kamōʻiliʻili / Makemake ka papa ola i sua no Kamōʻiliʻili ETC (1929, Auk 15). Ke Alakaʻi o Hawaiʻi, Volume II, Number 16.

A Sewer for Kamōʻiliʻili (English Translation)