Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science (KRS)



If I already have a Bachelors degree, is this how I obtain Health and Physical Education Certification?

No, you will need to apply to the Post Bachelors program. The information can be found here PLEASE LINK TO POST BAC PE PAGE

Do I need to take the Praxis exam at the beginning and end of the program.

No, the Praxis basic skills and the Praxis content exam are no longer required for certification and completion of the program.


Is Health and Physical Education a 4-year degree?

Yes, you will receive your Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science with a license to teach Health and Physical Education at the completion of the program

Is student teaching one semester or two semester?

If you would like certification in K-12 Physical Education, student teaching is two semesters in length. One semester at the elementary level and one semester at the secondary level.


Do I have to teach with this degree?

No, there are many areas that you can work in with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science with an emphasis in physical education. For example, you could run youth sport programming, work at a fitness center, work or run a non-profit organization in relation to physical activity and health, among many other areas of employment