image of Curtis Ho

Curtis Ho Chair

Interests: E-Learning, Instructional Design, Online Learning, Mobile Learning

(808) 956-7771

image of Kitty Hino

Kitty Hino Office Manager

(808) 956-7671

image of Ariana Eichelberger

Ariana Eichelberger Faculty

Interests: Distance Learning; Professional Development; Technology Integration; Online Teaching

(808) 956-0382

image of Catherine Fulford

Catherine Fulford Faculty

Interests: Technology Integration, Mobile Learning, Visual Design

(808) 956-3906

image of Daniel Hoffman

Daniel Hoffman Faculty

(808) 956-5664

image of Christine Irvine

Christine Irvine Faculty

Interests: Technology in Education; Distance Education; Research and Evaluation; Organizational Change

(808) 956-3910

image of Peter Leong

Peter Leong Faculty

Interests: Online learning; Teaching & learning in virtual worlds; Game-based learning; Problem-based learning

(808) 956-3902

image of Meng-Fen Grace Lin

Meng-Fen Grace Lin Faculty

Interests: Creativity & Innovation; Mobile Learning; Open Educational Resources

(808) 956-9989

image of Paul McKimmy

Paul McKimmy Faculty

Interests: Open-Source Software in Education; Technology Integration; Distance Education

(808) 956-6266

image of Michael Menchaca

Michael Menchaca Faculty

Interests: Online Learning; Technology Integration; Social Justice with Technology

(808) 956-5664

image of Thanh Truc Nguyen

Thanh Truc Nguyen Faculty

Interests: Learning technologies, Internet safety, Online professional development, Online K-12 curriculum, Marine science, Organizational culture and leadership

(808) 956-6507

image of Seungoh Paek

Seungoh Paek Faculty

Interests: interactive multimedia design, instructional technology, cognitive science, developmental psychology, math education, and evaluation

(808) 956-4328