PhD Student

Koran Munafo

“The learning is approachable, the support is genuine, and the overall user-focus of the program supports student success.”


Hilo, Hawaii


Learning Design and Technology

Related Degrees

  • MEd, Learning Design & Technology
  • PhD, Learning Design & Technology

What are you currently working on?

For my dissertation, I am conducting a Design Based Research study to design and test an adaptive professional development process for faculty in higher education. In my current teaching position, I am a Career and Life Planning teacher at Keaʻau High School on Hawaii Island. To gain licensure, I attended the Teach Away Hawaii State Approved Teacher Education Program in 2021. In addition to my position as a classroom teacher, I am also faculty with the Kahoʻoiwai teacher education program where I teach an online Educational Technology course. As well, I periodically teach and design instruction at Windward Community College.

Please briefly describe the path that brought you to the LTEC program.

My road to college was a bumpy one complete with joy, pain, laughter, tears, success, and defeat. I have overcome bullying, moving schools more than I can remember, being one of a handful of white students in an all-black school, and dropping out of high school. I have raised two children alone for the past decade while completing my AA, BA, MEd, and BA (again!), and I am now working on my LTEC Doctoral Degree. Tech has played an integral role in my successful return to higher education, and the LTEC program particularly has provided an effective vehicle for me to develop myself as a professional. The learning is approachable, the support is genuine, and the overall user-focus of the program supports student success.

How would you describe the LTEC program to others?

The LTEC program is versatile and flexible and will allow you to customize the learning to your needs and area of interest. The coursework is relevant, modern, and inclusive. The faculty and staff are caring and REAL. This is truly an inclusive learning experience.

What do you hope to inspire by sharing your education experience?

I hope to have an impact on the creation of more holistic and inclusive learning environments so as to mitigate institutional schooling trauma and empower successful learning experiences for all learners.

What was your favorite part of being in an LTEC program?

The humanity that exists within.

What are your future plans?

I plan to continue as a Substitute Teacher throughout the duration of my doctoral studies. The daily life of the classroom is a verdant setting for the blossoming researcher!

What advice would you have for others currently in the LTEC program?

Look. Listen. Learn. Laugh. This can be a fun process. Love your choices and your work will shine!

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