Technical Lead


"When used right, technology can be incredibly enriching to the learning environment in any setting."


Munich, Germany


Learning Design and Technology

Related Degrees

  • MEd, Learning Design & Technology

What brought you to Hawaii?

Education (PhD Information and Computer Sciences)

What is your philosophy of teaching?

Taking a class should be an enhancement to your education and career. I try to make my classes relevant by illustrating theoretical principles in practical applications and exposing the mechanisms that allow that to happen.

Briefly describe your role as technical lead.

My primary responsibility at the college is to provide integration of all technical systems, promote best practices in development and system administration, and find ways to translate the college processes into technical processes and solutions. As technical lead, my focus is on emerging technologies and new ways of supporting college operations.

What’s new and exciting in your department?

I recently negotiated a collaboration with two companies, called Inktank and Mirantis. With their support, the college was able to maximize its IT infrastructure investments beyond what we initially expected. As a result, our cloud is larger, faster, and more resilient to service outages than before.

Arrangements such as these are exciting because they are a win-win situation. By endorsing these Open Source companies, we provide them with a desirable reference customer. For our part, we are able to deploy sophisticated services that would be beyond our capabilities, both from a personnel and a support point of view.

How will it impact the college?

The COE has already had one of the most sophisticated and secure network infrastructures on the campus. With the addition of this storage cluster, we will be able to provide centralized, secure, and flexible storage solutions to faculty and staff. Our cloud systems will likely also be integrated in some of our ETEC courses, for example as part of our technology management certificate program, which we will kick off in August.

“Technology & Distance Programs has been extremely fortunate to have Mr. Fabel on board as a lecturer and our technical lead. His approaches are technically astute, forward-thinking, and based upon generating buy-in through providing superior services.” ~Dr. Paul McKimmy, Director of Technology & Distance Programs at the UH Mānoa College of Education.

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