MEd, Learning Design & Technology



Does the Master’s Program run in cohorts?

Yes, the Master’s Program runs in cohorts, which means that you will be taking your core classes with the same people.

What is special about the LTEC MEd Program?
  • The LTEC program provides students with a rare opportunity to participate with an internationally, culturally and professionally diverse student and faculty population.
  • Students have freedom to choose their own courses, schedules, timelines for completion.
  • LTEC students have the opportunity to connect with a large network of LTEC alumni and scholars locally and internationally.


How long do I need to live in Hawaii to qualify for resident tuition?

Generally, you would need to reside in Hawaii for at least one calendar year (365 days) to qualify for resident tuition. However, the residency requirements are complex, and there are exceptions. Please visit the UHM Office of Admissions site for more in-depth information about the residency requirements.


Is GRE required for admissions to the MEd program?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not an admission requirement of the LTEC Master’s program. LTEC Master’s applicants are only required to have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in any field of study is acceptable to the Department. At minimum, the applicant needs to demonstrate above average academic performance (B average, i.e., 3.0 on a 4-point scale) in the last 60 semester hours of the undergraduate program or for post-baccalaureate or graduate course work.

Is TOEFL required for admission into the program?

Applicants with foreign nationalities (i.e. not USA) who have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s in the United States do not need to take the TOEFL.

What is the minimum score required for the TOEFL or the IELTS?

The LTEC department abides by the required minimum scores as set by the UH Manoa Graduate Division. As such, there may not be a minimum score requirement. Nonetheless, test scores should reflect an adequate understanding of English.

Is teaching license required for admission to the program?

No, a teaching license is not required for admission into any LTEC program.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Education needed to enter the Master’s program?

No, but some experience in teaching or training is useful. What is important is the applicant's understanding of and commitment to the field of educational technology.

What undergraduate degree is needed or preferred by the Master’s program?

A bachelor's degree in any field is acceptable, as long as it has been earned at an accredited institution; the GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 on a 4-point scale is necessary to consider the applicant for regular status admission. Majors in Journalism, History, Political Science, Computer Science, and Nursing, among others, have successfully graduated from the program.

Can a part-time student accomplish all the requirements by attending just the Summer Sessions?

No, required courses are only offered in the fall and spring semesters, and must be completed in sequence. However, many students complete electives during summer sessions. In the first year, students must take two required courses in each of their first fall and spring semesters.


Is a thesis or project required?

Depending on the Degree Plan, students have an option of completing a Master's thesis under Plan A or a design/research project under Plan B (selected by the student and approved by an advisor).

Can credits be transferred into the Master’s program?

Yes, up to 6 credits (2 courses) can be transferred into the Master’s program. These credits will need to be taken within 3 years of being accepted into the MEd program and are subject to approval by the program coordinator. To have credits from LTEC courses that you have previously taken count towards your degree, you will need to fill out a Petition to Transfer Credits Form and send it back to the LTEC office.

How do I get an override for a course?

You would have to get the instructor’s approval by contacting them via email. Please contact the LTEC office at for further assistance if the instructor is unavailable.

Can I start taking LTEC courses the summer before I have been accepted into the program in the Fall?

Yes. To start taking classes in summer, you will need to apply to the Outreach College as an unclassified graduate student until you are accepted into the program. After you are accepted, you will need to transfer your credits toward the program. Please contact the LTEC Office ( for more information on applying for summer courses as an unclassified graduate student.

Can I take LTEC courses before I am officially admitted into the MEd program?

Yes, you may take LTEC courses as an unclassified graduate student. However, please note that you will only be able to transfer up to 6 credits (2 courses) into the Master’s program, which is subjected to approval by the program coordinator. These LTEC courses will need to be taken within 3 years of being accepted into the MEd program. Consult the program coordinator prior to registering for courses. To have credits from LTEC courses that you have previously taken count towards your degree, you will need to fill out a Petition to Transfer Credits Form and send it back to the LTEC office.

How long does it typically take for a student to complete the Master’s program?

The minimum time is two academic years of full-time study, which would mean three courses in each fall and spring semester in two years. Typically, these days most students are working adults who find it difficult to maintain a full-time course schedule. Most students complete the program in three years but some take longer depending on the number of courses taken per semester. Remember that in addition to class time, graduate courses require a significant commitment to reading and other coursework beyond the hours in the classroom.


What should a Statement of Objectives include?

The LTEC department does not require applicants to include a particular element in their Statement of Objectives however we do provide applicants with a Statement of Objectives guide to steer them in the right direction.

Forgot PIN for Graduate division application

Forgotten PINs cannot be recovered. You must create a new Login ID and PIN and start a new Graduate Division application.  

If my GPA is below 3.0, or is not at all available, how is the application evaluated?

If your GPA is significantly below 3.0, consider taking some post-baccalaureate college or university courses (for credit) before applying. Graduate Division, which evaluates applicants' meeting the overall university graduate admission criteria, recommends resubmission of the application after at least 12 credits of graduate courses are earned with a B or better average. These courses cannot be in the field of study to which the applicant is seeking admission. Please contact the LTEC department at for any questions.

When will I find out when I have been admitted?

The faculty review committee begins reviewing applications after the deadline. You can expect to the committee to come to a decision regarding your application around late April or early May; the information will be sent out around that time. It is also possible for this information to be released earlier or later than the aforementioned months.

After receiving the acceptance letter, when will additional information regarding registration for courses be given?

During the mandatory orientation, mentioned in the acceptance letter, any questions about registering for courses as well as any additional questions you might have regarding the program will be answered. You will also be assisted with registering for classes during this day.