Where can I find housing information?

On campus housing information can be obtained from the Student Housing Services office. Many MEdT candidates find off-campus housing near their placements or in central Honolulu and carpool with other classmates in their cohort.

Where can I check Class Availability?

The Schedule of Classes is available online here: Class Availability. Please note that core MEdT classes (STE 601-613) are not printed in the schedule of classes. Space is reserved for candidates in the cohort. Meeting dates and times will be distributed by cohort coordinators.

How do I clear a health hold?

The Health Clearance requirements are: Submit a Health Clearance Form: http://www.hawaii.edu/myuh/healthform/ Comply with the State of Hawaii Tuberculosis clearance guidelines Provide documentation of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella

Is the MEdT program offered part-time?

No, students should expect to spend the equivalent of 2 full days (7:30 – 3:00) in their assigned classroom the first year. Schedules vary between cohorts and partner schools. The second year are full-time experiences. MEdT candidates are expected to follow the Hawaii DOE school calendar and keep the hours of full-time teachers (7:30 – 3:00pm). … read more of Is the MEdT program offered part-time?

Is the MEdT program offered on-line?

The MEdT program has two delivery options: Manoa (face-to-face) Program and a Statewide (hybrid) Distance Program. Although applicants can choose their preferred participation method, preference for the Statewide Distance Program is given to those residing on a neighbor island or teaching full-time. The Statewide Distance Program is offered in a hybrid format meaning that it is a … read more of Is the MEdT program offered on-line?

How much is tuition?

MEdT candidates pay the standard UH Manoa Graduate Tuition & Fees. The approximate cost based on the 2020-2021 tuition schedule is $30,000 for 46 credits. The most recently posted tuition rates are available on the Manoa Admission & Records Website.

How do I qualify for resident tuition?

You will need to complete the residency declaration form that is a part of the Graduate Division Application. More information on Hawaii Residency Requirements can be found on the Office of Admissions web page.