Master of Education in Teaching (MEDT)



How do I know which Praxis is required?

Basic Skills

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or qualifying scores on the Praxis CORE Academic Skills for Educators exam, SAT or ACT to meet the basic skills requirement. Qualifying scores are available on the HTSB website and the ETS website.

Content Knowledge

A list of Praxis exams and passing test scores to meet the content knowledge requirement for specific licensure areas are available on the HTSB website and the ETS website. The Praxis exam taken should align with your intended licensure area. The MEdT program does not offer licensure programs in every subject listed on the HTSB and ETS websites (e.g. Middle Level). Applicants should register for the appropriate Elementary or Secondary English, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies exam. Secondary Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Language Immersion will not require a Praxis II exam until one is designated by HTSB. Please contact the department if you are pursuing an area of licensure that was not previously listed.

We now also accept alternative methods for meeting the content knowledge requirement. See the How to Apply Page for more information.

Candidates in the Dual Secondary & Special Education cohort must pass the SPED Mild/Moderate Praxis before the start of their third semester in the program.

How do I sign up for the Praxis?

Sign up for the Praxis on the ETS website. To avoid additional fees, designate UH as a score recipient when enrolling for the exam.  You may specify up to three recipients at no additional cost so you may also want to send your scores to the Hawaii State Department of Education and the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board if you will be seeking a license or employment in the State of Hawaii. Additional fees apply if a score report is requested after the test has been administered. Your examinee score report will only be available for a limited time on-line so be sure to save a copy for your personal records.

Official score reports must be received by March 1. Please schedule exams early to allow for adequate delivery.

I took the GRE; can I use my GRE scores instead?

No. The GRE is not required and may not be substituted for the Praxis exams.

When will my Praxis scores be sent to UH?

Score reports typically arrive 2 to 4 weeks after the test is administered. Anticipated score reporting dates can be found on the ETS website.

Where should I send my PRAXIS scores?

The MEdT program only accepts official score reports sent directly to the University of Hawaii, College of Education, in Everly Hall. Use score recipient code R4867.

To avoid additional fees, designate UH as a score recipient when enrolling for the exam.  If you will be seeking a license or employment in the State of Hawaii, you may also want to send your scores to the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (license) Hawaii State Department of Education (employment). Once your scores are submitted to the College, they will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another institution.  Please download a copy of your examinee score report from the ETS website and keep it in a safe place. Scores are available for download for a limited time only. If you miss the download window, you may not be able to get a copy without paying for an additional score report.

How can I check the status of my application?

The status of your Graduate Division application may be checked by contacting Graduate Division Student Services.

The status of your submission of College of Education Application Materials can be checked after your COE online application has been submitted by logging back onto Makalei. Please allow 2 weeks for the processing of your application. Additional questions should be directed to the Office of Student Academic Services.

What if I am not on island when interviews are conducted?

All applicants must attend a half-day interview.  Applicants can choose whether to attend the interview online or in person and will be sent an email to indicate their preference.  See the Apply Now page for interview dates.

Who do I contact to schedule an interview?

The MEdT Office will use the email address provided in Mākālei to contact individuals to schedule an interview. Applicants can designate whether they prefer to attend the interview online or in-person.


Can I work part-time while in the program?

The MEdT is a two-year full time program. We understand that MEdT candidates may need to work to cover their living and educational expenses, but their work schedules will need to be built around the program coursework and field schedules. Please visit our candidate handbook for our employment policy.

In semesters one and two, students can expect to spend the equivalent of two full days (7:30-3:00) in their assigned partnership school. Schedules vary by cohort and partner school.

Semesters three and four are full-time experiences (everyday 7:30 - 3:00). The fourth semester internship options includes a filling a paid teaching position. More information can be found in our internship policy: Paid internships are competitive.

How do I qualify for resident tuition?

You will need to complete the residency declaration form that is a part of the Graduate Division Application. More information on Hawaii Residency Requirements can be found on the Office of Admissions web page.

How much is tuition?

MEdT candidates pay the standard UH Manoa Graduate Tuition & Fees. The approximate cost based on the 2020-2021 tuition schedule is $30,000 for 46 credits. The most recently posted tuition rates are available on the Manoa Admission & Records Website.

What kind of financial aid/graduate assistantships are available?

Students seeking financial aid must work with the Financial Aid Office. The College of Education offers a limited number of scholarships that can be applied for via STAR. More information can be found on the OSAS website.

The MEdT does not have any graduate assistantships, but those interested in employment at UH (which can include a tuition waiver) can visit the Government Jobs website to search for open positions.

Students may also qualify for the TEACH Grant (up to $4000/year) and Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness (up to $17,000).

MEdT candidates may also qualify for funding up to 33 credits of tuition through the Grow Our Own Teachers Initiative.

Where can I find housing information?

On campus housing information can be obtained from the Student Housing Services office. Many MEdT candidates find off-campus housing near their placements or in central Honolulu and carpool with other classmates in their cohort.


Can I get a copy of my Praxis scores from UH or the COE?

No. Once the College receives your Praxis scores from ETS, they become property of the University and cannot be released back to the student or forwarded to another institution on behalf of of the student. Please be sure to download a copy of your Examinee Score Report. They are only available for a limited time from the ETS website. After the availability period ends, you will need to order a score report from ETS for a fee.

How do I clear a health hold?

The Health Clearance requirements are:

  1. Submit a Health Clearance Form:
  2. Comply with the State of Hawaii Tuberculosis clearance guidelines
  3. Provide documentation of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella


Is the MEdT program offered on-line?

The MEdT program has two delivery options: Manoa (face-to-face) Program and a Statewide (hybrid) Distance Program. Although applicants can choose their preferred participation method, preference for the Statewide Distance Program is given to those residing on a neighbor island or teaching full-time. The Statewide Distance Program is offered in a hybrid format meaning that it is a combination of on-line and face-to-face sessions.

Is the MEdT program offered part-time?

No, students should expect to spend the equivalent of 2 full days (7:30 - 3:00) in their assigned classroom the first year. Schedules vary between cohorts and partner schools. The second year are full-time experiences. MEdT candidates are expected to follow the Hawaii DOE school calendar and keep the hours of full-time teachers (7:30 - 3:00pm). Seminar courses and professional specialization electives must also be completed in addition to the field work. These courses will be offered in the evenings (4:30-7:00pm) for the statewide distance cohort and may also be offered during the day for the face-to-face cohort.

Where can I check Class Availability?

The Schedule of Classes is available online here: Class Availability. Please note that core MEdT classes (STE 601-613) are not printed in the schedule of classes. Space is reserved for candidates in the cohort. Meeting dates and times will be distributed by cohort coordinators.