Adam Tanners and Denise Abara

Academic Advisor Denise Abara and Graduate Information Officer Adam Tanners were selected for the Region 9 Excellence in Advising Innovation Award 2017 by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). Nominated by Office of Student Academic Services Director Niki Libarios, Abara and Tanners were selected for their work on Mākālei, the College of Education’s online major declaration, admission, information, tutorial, and graduation portal system.

“It’s truly an honor for Mākālei to be recognized by our premier advising association and to see our college recognized for all the progressive things we do to help streamline the process for advisors and students,” Abara said.

As a result of the efficiency improvements Abara and Tanners implemented in Mākālei, prospective students are able to access applications as well as admission status notifications sooner, leading to higher enrollment.

With more than 11,000 members, NACADA has been representative and advocate of academic advising and those providing that service to higher education since 1983. A recognition ceremony and certificate presentation will take place at the annual Region 9 NACADA Conference in Reno, Nevada next month.

Tanners added, “I am really proud of the whole team involved with this endeavor and would like to acknowledge our programmers and designers who really helped make Mākālei the amazing tool that it is.”

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